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Our experience in burn care, to heal ulcers

✓ Adheres and conforms to the wound

✓ Easy to apply and easy to cut

✓ Near total transparency, easy monitoring

✓ Moist wound healing

✓ Allows the body to control the microenvironment

✓ Collagen mimicking nanostructure

✓ Replaces the need of animal or human tissue

✓ Impermeable to bacteria

✓ Hemostatic

✓ Apply only once, on superficial burns/wounds

✓ Breathable

✓ Prevents fluid loss, no exudates

✓ Fully compatible with antibiotics

✓ Reduced pain

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Ready to use, even for homecare

Epiprotect®Ulcer comes in a glass vial filled with a storage solution.

The product is ready to use, just open the vial, take out the dressing a place it on the wound.

Epiprotect®Ulcer is a disc of cellulose with a diameter of 8 cm.

The product can be stored at room temperature, with a shelf life of 2 years.

Clinically proven


Treatment of Nonhealing Ulcers with an Allograft/Xenograft Substitute: A Case Series

Sivlér, Tobias, MD; Sivlér, Petter, MSc; Skog, Mårten, MSc; Conti, Luca, PhD; Aili, Daniel, PhD

"An average of 1,7 dressings needed until complete healing."

"One application lasted 63 days, without need for dressing changes."

"Wound dressing made of eiratex could decrease the healing time and frequency of dressing changes when used on venous ulcers." 

How it works

Epiprotect®Ulcer can be used to heal acute and chronic ulcers, in a cost-effective way

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Epiprotect®Ulcer is indicated for patients with acute and chronic ulcers. The product has a nanostructure similar to collagen. If the wound is not infected and not deeper than the depth of hair follicles, the fluids secreted by the wound will penetrate into the nanostructure of the dressing and anchor it to the wound. If the wound is deeper than the depth of the hair follicles, the dressing will not adhere and can be used to protect from bacteria from the outside and to keep a moist environment.

A product that heals ulcers and decreases the treatment costs

When Epiprotect®Ulcer adheres to a superficial wound, the dressing can stay on the wound until it is fully healed. The dressing works like a scaffold for a crust, that will peel off together with the dressing after re-epitelization. 

Epiprotect®Ulcer can drastically decrease the treatment cost of ulcers by minimising the frequency of dressing changes, the number of visits to the healthcare center and thus, the whole cost for the treatment.

Avoiding the use of dressings that need to be changed every 3-4 days, this is our revolution.

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