Material Technology

Eiratex® is a registered trademark of S2Medical AB. The material is based on a biosynthetic polymer of sugar molecules that has been further developed by S2Medical. Our exact and controlled production gives the material unique properties such as superior conformability, transparency, strength and breathability. Epiprotect® is one of the very few dressings that is so conformable that it can be efficently used to treat facial burns. Epiprotect® will help the body to control the level of moisture at any given phase of the healing process. This means that the healing conditions will be optimal during all the different stages of healing without any need of dressing changes. The structure of eiratex® is mimicking collagen at a nano level, giving it extremely high biocompatibility and functionality.

Eiratex® is produced in house in a production facility divided into five clean room areas. The facility is constructed to comply with SFS 1993:584, LVFS 2003:11, MDD 93/42/EG as well as harmonized standards such as ISO13485. 

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